Thursday, July 16, 2015

Here Comes Venture! OR: Diesel-Pulp Fantasy?!

Our first game, Venture! (or Venture! Thrilling Adventures in the World of AEthrem, if you want to be formal about it), is currently undergoing editing, and we expect to have it completed in early 2016. We’ll be posting some previews here, as well as progress updates as we ramp up to Venture!’s release, but to start out with, let’s just dive into the big picture of what Venture! is.

We’ve described Venture! as a diesel-pulp fantasy role playing game. The “role playing game” in that description is pretty straightforward – this is a tabletop role playing game, where a group of players get together at the table to act out roles as characters and create a story together. But what about “diesel-pulp fantasy”, then?

AEthrem is a fictional, fantastic world that serves as the setting and backdrop for games of Venture! It draws from action-adventure pulp novels and comics, as well as film serials from the diesel era:
predominantly the 1920s-1930s. From its inception, AEthrem was conceived of as a place where
archaeologist-adventurers, mystical vigilantes, weird scientists, and ace pilots could get together and
thwart the plans of vile fascists, surly mobsters, sky pirates, and mad cultists. Of course, these exploits would involve occult relics, dangerous new inventions, mystery, and as much action as we could cram into the world.

That covers the setting in broad strokes, but what about the rules? We’re using the OpenD6 System as the basis for Venture!’s rules. This game system was originally developed by West End Games, most famously for their licensed film RPG adaptations. If you’re not familiar with it, OpenD6 is nothing to be intimidated by – it’s a quick-playing, easy-to-learn game system great for new and experienced gamers alike. We’ve modified the OpenD6 rules to optimize Venture! for rapid, thrilling gameplay (and just might have added a few things specific to the world of AEthrem along the way).

Right now, we’ve already completed writing for the Venture! core rulebook. Our crack editing team is hard at work reviewing the manuscript for its final revisions. After that, we just need to get things
presentable: that means layout and art.  While we’re waiting on all that, though, we’re going to be
sharing bits and pieces of the Venture! to come here.


Venture! Thrilling Adventures in the World of AEthrem and its associated characters are the property of Weird Science Games, LLC, Copyright 2015.

West End Games, OpenD6, and The D6 system are trademarks and properties of Purgatory Publishing Inc.

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